Experienced, friendly and gentle acupuncture therapist, who will listen to your needs and create a treatment specific for you. Alongside acupuncture, offering lifestyle and Chinese Medicine dietary guidance and a supportive, open and kind healing environment.

Acupuncture treats you as a whole, emotional well-being and physical discomfort.  Working alongside conventional medical treatment or alone.

People come for acupuncture for many reasons, pain relief, fertility, IVF support, anxiety, depression, menopausal symptoms, joint pain, sleep issues and many more.

Contact to discuss how acupuncture can help you.  I am always happy to answer any questions  that you might have.   I love talking acupuncture!


Acupuncture is a very safe treatment, without lasting side affects and a natural way to balance your body and restore health.

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After an extremely challenging few months with physical and mental health, Ruth was recommended to me by a friend.  I have been incredibly impressed with Ruth's approach to my treatments.  She is kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable and has been an invaluable resource on a healing journey", Emma, Reading

Well Being

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Feeling like  you've lost your mojo, acupuncture aims to balance your body, restoring vitality and get up and go.  You do not have to have a medical diagnosis to benefit from acupuncture. I have many patients who see me regularly for maintenance treatment and dealing with the stressful lives that many of us lead.

Women's Health

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From period pain to menopause acupuncture is used to support you to reach your full potential and is safe to use alongside IVF and in natural pregnancy.  I have had the privilege of seeing many women through their fertility  journey, nothing makes me happier than supporting people to achieve their dreams.

Mental Health

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Time out for you to relax in a calm and tranquil environment, whilst the needles work to help balance your emotions.  I have a personal interest in mental health issues and I undertook further training in mindfulness and relaxation techniques.    

Whole Body Health

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 People come for acupuncture with all sorts of conditions;  joint pain, arthritis, back pain, sprains, headaches and many more.   I am always happy to discuss your needs and see if acupuncture and I are right for you.

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